2018 was an incredible year of growth on the Frontier. From new team members to sharing in the impact Frontier clients have on the world, we’re excited to share our field notes:

At the core of Frontier is our culture. We’re a tight and nimble team working to bring efficient and effective fundraising to charities for maximum impact. That’s why we invest most in our people.

A book we loved in 2018 and reference often is Radical Candor - encouraging the team to provide honest and caring feedback to one another so we all grow, together.

This year we reached a milestone of 14 clients across Canada (and the US), spanning 5 different core portfolios of:

In the Summer of 2018 we mentored 5 of the brightest young minds from the Good Marketers Group to shape future fundraisers!

We welcomed 7 new members to our team!


Fundraising is the backbone of Frontier. We help clients navigate the world of direct response fundraising, in both digital and print mediums. Now for the juicy details - fundraising stats:

December 10th
Most popular email send date
This is when most charities are fundraising for Christmas over email!
“Thank You, [First Name]! 🎉”
Subject line with the Highest Open Rate
Personalization goes a long way - people are more likely to open something directly addressed to them!
Over 50!
Number of A/B tests run through Email
The best way to gain knowledge about most effective send dates, subject lines and more.
Most used fundraising word in all copy
It’s an invitation to the donor to be part of something larger.
Number of tests run through Direct Mail
How do we know what fundraising theory will translate well to our clients and their donors? Testing of course! Read the Case Study on our latest test here.
Largest Gift Received Through Direct Mail
Direct Mail typically brings in a large volume of gifts in grassroots amounts. Once in a while Frontier’s clients get an incredibly generous donation through direct mail!

One of the reasons we’re so passionate about our work is that we get to be part of the life-changing impact of our clients. A year of behind-the-scenes fundraising work translates into much more than dollars and cents. Through our clients, the dollars raised in 2018 translated to...


Babies & new mothers provided
with world class healthcare.


Meals provided for people in need.


Children supported through
a year of education.


Wild animals rescued & rehabilitated
(birds, squirrel, even skunks!)


University graduates assisted
in launching careers of
service & ministry.


People helped through
addiction & recovery programs.


Total Revenue Raised in 2018

Thank you for journeying on the Frontier trail with us.

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